أخبار ساخنة

Important Notes

•Always drink at least 8 glasses of water daily – it improves the hair, skin and aids in other bodily functions.
•Do not drink water, juice or tea during the meals as it slows the breakdown of food in the stomach. It is better to have it a half hour before or after the meals.
•Use whole-wheat products with extra fiber such as whole-wheat bread/ pasta/ crackers – Fiber slows down the release of sugar in the bloodstream; it leads to a feeling of fullness and helps in digestion and bowel movements.
•Read nutrition labels – avoid trans fat products as they clog your arteries; making you prone to heart diseases.
•Have omega-3-fatty acids (good for the heart) – present in flax seeds, beans, dairy products, vegetables, nuts & fish.
•Consume raw fruits and vegetables – making a juice robs you of all their vitamins and minerals. You are drinking colored water which has lost all its nutrients.
•Exercise at least 4 times per week (brisk walking/ cycling etc) for 30-40 minutes to tighten the muscles. 

Banned Food list
1-  All types of desserts.
2-  soda drinks.
3-  Gum (Which contains sugar).
4- Sweet Potatoes, French bread, Potatoes, Chips,   anything contains white flour.
5-  Luncheon , Pastrami , Roumy Cheese, Cooked Cheese.
6-Dates , Figs ,melon ,mango , grapes ,sugar cane , avocado.
7-taro , peas , beet , bean , lima bean , chickpeas.
8-Pickles ,pulp ,peanuts , nuts.
9.goose ,ducks , doves , kidneys , Liver , .

10-Nescafe 3 in1 or 2 in 1 or any other drink contains    creamer.

 Vegetables available